Coffee Tours:
Don’t just wonder about the origins of coffee or bean.Stay with the small farmers on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro for half day to two days.The farmers themselves will lead you to explore how coffee is tended with pride until you get and enjoy  a cup of coffee. In the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro are home to the Chagga people.
Their main activities are traditional, sustainable farming and cattle, but not much as Maasai.
Their main cash crops are coffee and banana. They plant their coffee in small holdings called (shamba) mixed with banana and sometimes with maize and beans for their families.
Uru is about 10km north of Moshi town at altitude 1450m, 25 – 30 minutes drive form Moshi town.
The Uru area is a mosaic of beautiful valleys, deep gorges, waterfalls, coffee farms and is a home base for the Chagga people.
During the Cultural tour you will walk through the banana and coffee farmlands, learn about coffee production from seedlings  planting care, weeding, harvesting and all process up to prepare the cup of coffee.
The Chagga people sell coffee to enable them to meet basic needs like Schooling their children, and help further developments.
Hikes in this area will be ideal for acclimatization before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Main activities during the tour;

  • A local prepared lunch at the farm
  • An excursion to a nearby coffee farm;
  • Coffee berry picking;
  • Explanation about organic coffee farming and

Fair-trade standards;

  • Proceessing of the coffee from the bean to Cup;
  • Coffee drinking at the farm.

The Chagga History Hike:

Did you know that among the most skillful crop cultivators in East Afrika is the Wachagga of Kilimanjaro?Apart from coffee production,explore their long history of farming,indigenous/traditional irrigation canals,catle husbandry.The tribal wars in the area prompted the Wachagga to dig their famous “bolt holes”underground shelters in which they hid their families and livestock.
The excursion takes you 2-3 hours and includes;

  • Avisit to a traditional house
  • Exploration of the mysterious Chagga Caves.

The Cultural Village Walk:

This is 2-3 hours tour which include a visit to;

  • A local church and Dispensary
  • A primary or secondary school in nearby village(s);
  • A nearby local market and
  • Local banana beer shop to experience how the Wachagga have been making a special brew from bananas and millet known as “Mbege”.

Nature Walk:

This hike will take about 2-3 hours. You will experience the nature beauty of the forests and the rivers on the slopes of the mount Kilimanjaro. Many parts of  the Mount Kilimanjaro are known as protected nature areas. Not all of these areas are accessible, but guided by a local coffee farmer you can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain. Will take you along the borders of National Park. If  it is your lucky day you may be able to see some Colobus monkeys!

Water Falls Adventure:

This hike will take you along riverine Forest (6-7 hours).
You will explore the nature beauty of the forest and the rivers on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Starting in the morning after breakfast, descend into one of the river valleys. Explore impressive and incredible diversity of Kahawa shamba area which include varieties of colourful birds, butterflies (Vipepeo), monkeys and bushbabies at times, depending on the season.

Medicinal Tour:

This tour will make you forget the modern pharmacy for a while.
Guided by coffee farmer you will experience the amazing knowledge of Chagga people of the different uses of local plants, shrubs and trees for medicinal purposes.
You will visit a local medicine woman, who has a distinct knowledge not only about medicinal plants, but also of seeds, stones, and more.
The walk will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.


  • Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
  • Health care centers
  • Roots and shoots and environmental care in the village.
  • Visit the orphanage centre
  • Visit the women bred production.
  • Women tailoring project in Njari
  • Women pots making project.
  • Women boutique project Msuni.


  • Chagga Music (Mbasa)
  • East African music (Live Band)


As you are in Chagga land you will see the traditional music singing by old female and male of chagga.
This group can sing many songs and each song have the meaning and the time.
For example

  • During the harvesting of their crops
  • During the weddings
  • During the celebration of King visiting
  • During the bride payments
  • During the traditional kitchen party
  • Bride groom insiation

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